EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair
EVO BLACK High Back Chair

EVO BLACK High Back Chair

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Swivel chair Evo Chair - sculptural design chair

The Evo Chair impresses with its sculptural design: With its unusual shape, it is a real eye-catcher in every office and home office. The most obvious design decision is the innovative combination of seat and backrest. The three-dimensionally shaped seat shell is connected to the backrest without any visible screw connections and looks like it is made of one piece.

The innovative design is accompanied by convincing technical equipment: the relax synchronous mechanism with automatic body weight adjustment can set the counter pressure of the backrest quickly and easily and you can make additional adjustments with a 2-lever mechanism. The large opening angle allows you to lean back comfortably if necessary. Thanks to an intelligent upholstery concept using a high-quality and hard-wearing cover material and an additional beveled front edge of the seat, the Evolutio® offers a high level of comfort on the seat and back.

The Evolutio® Chair is a successful symbiosis of design and ergonomics and offers you fascinating aesthetics and convincing seating comfort.

Synchronous mechanism

  • Relax synchronous mechanism with a wide opening angle to the rear
  • Locking function in 4 positions
  • user-friendly 2-lever mechanism
  • automatic body weight adjustment

Seat and back

  • Three-dimensional seat shell made of one piece in a matt black finish similar to RAL 9005
  • without visible screw connections
  • Seat underside prepared for a seat sensor
  • Comfortable molded foam cushion on the seat and back
  • Seat front edge bevelled for ergonomic leg guidance
  • black fabric made of 100% polyamide with 50,000 abrasion tours according to Martindale In comparison: For the seats in public transport vehicles that are frequented around the clock, 30,000 abrasion tours are usually required

Neck support

  • integrated neck support as a continuation of the backrest
  • comfortably padded
  • Design element on the back in high-gloss black


  • Integrated design armrests in an unusual design


  • Highly polished aluminum base
  • chrome-plated gas spring with polished telescope


  • Universal rollers with 60mm diameter
  • Running profile made of medium-hard PU plastic
  • rollable on soft and hard floors
  • Optionally, order free of charge: universal castors with braking function under load with the same properties as mentioned above

Dimensions in mm approx .:

  • Seat height: 460 - 580
  • Seat cushion width: 500
  • Seat cushion depth: 500
  • Width between armrests: 460
  • Backrest height including neck support: 700
  • Base diameter: 700
  • Diameter rollers: 60
  • Recommended load capacity: approx. 100 kg